VIndian Legal And Constitutional History


Law of Taxation



Note : Paper Code – K-3005 entitled, “Professional Ethics, accountability of Lawyers And Bar Bench Relation (Practical Training)” course will be taught in association with the practicing Lawyers/retired Judges/retired Law Teachers. This paper will carry Maximum 100 Marks. The written examination on this paper (Theory Paper) will be in descriptive form and of three (03) hours duration and will carry 50 Marks. The written examination (Theory Paper) shall be held by way of paper with the other theory papers. The practical/Viva-voce Examination will carry 50 Marks. The students shall be given Assignment by the subject teacher. Students will record answer to all the Assignment by preparing a Project File. The Project will carry 30 Marks. The Project File will be evaluated by the Board of Examinations at the time of Practical/Viva-voce examination. The Viva-voce will carry 20 Marks.

Paper No.Title of PaperPaper CodeMax. Marks
ICompany LawK-4001100
IILabour And Industrial LawK-4002100
IIIEnvironmental LawK-4003100

Optional Paper


Student has to opt any one optional Paper (subject to availability of expert Faculty in the department) among the following:

IVCriminology And Penology

Law of Trust, Equity And Fiduciary Relation

Banking Law, Negotiable Instrument Act




VArbitration, Conciliation and Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) (Practical Training)K-4007100

Note : Paper Code – K – 4007 entitled, “Conciliation And Alternate Dispute Resolution (Practical Training)” will be taught partly through class room lectures including simulating exercise and partly through extension programme like Lok-Adalats, etc. The Course will be taught in association with practicing lawyers/retired Judges/retired Law Teachers. The Class room instructions shall include lessons on the concepts and practice of Arbitration, Conciliation and Alternate Dispute Resolution. Student will be required to maintain the Diary of the Sessional Work for this paper in which they shall record the written exercise assigned to them by the subject teacher during the session and their observations about the field work / training work of Lok Adalat etc. Organized by the Law Department of the College / University and attended by them. This Paper will carry Maximum 100 Marks. The Sessional Diary will carry 40 Marks and will be evaluated by the Board of Examiners at the time of Semester Practical / Viva – voce examination. Forty (40) Marks are assigned for the legal field work assigned by his / her subject teacher / supervisor carried on by student during the Session. Such field work will be evaluated by Board of Examiners. The marks earned by the students for the legal field work during the Session will be conveyed to the Ch. Charan Singh University, Meerut by Board of Examiners to be held at the time of Practical / Viva – voce examination. The Viva –voce will carry 20 Marks.

Guidelines : It is advisable that the Law Department of the College / University should organize field work in such a manner that all the students get an opportunity to participate in field work so that each candidate may be able to attend at least two such field assignments.